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Well, where do I start?

I found out about Jim and GVW (Jim Greene - Greene VW) through VW Vortex, in it it was the good word on GVW and Jim. I was looking for a shop that specialized in VWs for I was looking to buy a very rare, limited production and highly collectable car, that even among VW techs is not always well known and or properly "respected", the car in question is a Corrado.  The C as I like to call it, is a rather interesting car of which only about 19,000 ever made it to North America! So, it was my surprise when I called Jim from HI and found out that not only was one of his techs highly knowledgeable on the C, his tech actually owned one himself!!!  I knew then that I had found the right tech, and place.  But I didn't know then just how "right" I was, what followed was a relationship where my C was thoroughly inspected,  saved some $$$ in the purchase price and applied that to the repair, Jim kept my baby for me ensuring that all the necessary work was done in a highly efficient and thorough manner. I actually spent a lot of time speaking with Jim about different subjects and came to enjoy talking to him quite a lot. I feel that we came to know Jim's family just through our conversations! His shop is a no-non-sense place that although having VW in the name also specializes in other makes such as Audi, Honda and Toyota among others. Although I do not live in LA, or even CA, I would definitely see Jim again where I in the area!!!  I would recommend GVW to anyone that needs a good, honest, reliable and properly priced repair shop!!!


How am I the first person to review this place? After getting a quote of $1500 to repair my AC from another not so-reputable mechanic (who didn't even bother to LOOK at the car before giving me the quote...I kid you not), I was thrilled and relieved that GVW was able to get me up and running at a very reasonable cost...and on a day where the temperature had soared to 112 and I was basically at their mercy ;-) Jim, the owner of the shop, sat down with me and asked me a number of questions about my AC to help diagnose the problem before taking a look at the vehicle. He and his workers were able to readjust a piece in my car that would have been VERY expensive to replace...saving me a ton of money and a ton of grief in the process. My car is a problem car, so I'm sure I will be seeing them again sooner than I'd like... :-) However, their kindness and honesty make working with them a pleasure!



Grandsons birthday in office

Jimmy and staff doing Grandsons birthday in outer office.